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Due Diligence Research

CIG provides research regarding identification of business owners and business entities to financial institutions, asset management firms, lending institutions, law firms, credit bureaus, and government agencies prior to entering into major legal or contractual business transactions. CIG provides a detailed written report to our client that presents a profile of an individual or a company.

To safe guard our client reputation and mitigate risk, CIG is committed to complying fully with all applicable laws and regulations. CIG conducts business only with reputable customers who are involved in legitimate business activities and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. CIG helps our clients know their customers and detect people who are involved in criminal activities (for example prohibited persons under USA Patriot Act or applicable law, narcotics traffickers, money launderers, bankrupt and wanted persons) to avoid becoming involved in terrorism, terrorist financing and other illegal activities.


Auto Collection

Dunning letters, follow-up telephone calls, personal visits to customers by collectors, vehicle repossessions, and judicial proceedings warrant effective professional techniques and skills of well-experienced personnel together with their good business connections. Failure to identify the actual status of delinquent accounts such as fraud accounts, accounts unable to pay, accounts with intention not-to-pay, and inefficient collection work may cause severe damages to business opportunities and returns. For example, for non-contactable customers, most collectors spend lots of time checking telephone directories, house registrations, social security registrations, marriage registrations, tax payments or commercial records. However, they are still unable to locate the whereabouts of the customers resulting in significant loss to the company through subsequent judicial proceedings.

CIG provides collection services for delinquent accounts in late buckets by using a professional network of former law enforcement officers and financial crime investigators as well as state-of-the-art detection tools. Our strategies can save costs, have high investment returns on recoveries, and can help mitigate potential risks to businesses. Our work is guaranteed to be delivered in a timely manner or no fee will be charged to our client.


Asset Tracing and Recovery

Concealing the existence, illegal source, or assets of collusive customers who have intention not to pay or to defraud the lending company is a challenge to collector’s responsible for asset tracing. Normal collection practice through researching of marital status, commercial and property records do not easily detect the hidden assets and real financial status of the customers.

CIG supports financial institutions and insurance companies who have investigative needs. CIG investigators possess professional skills in these areas and can respond to business needs in a timely and cost efficient manner. CIG can increase business net income to our clients by generating investment returns from written-off accounts without operational expenses being charged for unsuccessful case assignments.


Financial Investigation

CIG provides investigative services to our clients for both internal and external financial institution fraud involving intermediaries, customers, and company employees across all products. CIG investigating team includes a professional network of former law enforcement officers and financial crime investigators who possess investigative skills and working knowledge of the legislations, regulations and industry codes impacting a financial business. CIG investigators discreetly conduct their investigation with no impact to daily business operation. Interview of witness employee (s) will be conducted fairly and kept at a minimum by CIG personnel with strict confidence. CIG provides recommendations and reports on each investigation to the relevant business (es) and ensures that all concerns raised relating to both internal and external failures to follow company policies and procedures are investigated fairly and efficiently in a timely manner. CIG helps our clients minimize any threat to the personal safety of management, staff and the company reputation, and recommends “win-win” outcomes for the business. CIG can mitigate financial losses and potential risk to businesses and safe guard the integrity of financial institutions.


Litigation Support

CIG provides fact-finding services to law firms, defense lawyers, and the complainants who have investigative needs. CIG conducts investigations by using highly well trained personnel and state-of-the art investigative tools in compliance with local and international legal requirements with high standards of ethical conduct. Investigative information and evidence will be kept in the strictest confidence by CIG as well as our commitment to provide security for your business growth. CIG also provides practical guidance to the business on how to operate in business processes complying with the Security and Crisis Management and Anti-Money Laundering policies.


Employment Screening

Human resources development is a long-term investment, which involves the employer from the very first day of employment under the labor law. Having an able employee with clean working records is of paramount importance to business success and can mitigate potential loss to business as a whole.

CIG provides employment screening to corporations and recruitment agencies before and after an employment in compliance with local and international legal requirements with high standards of ethical conduct. CIG provides employment screening services for background and employment verification of prospective employees – including identity cards, education, credit, professional certification, litigation records, conflict of interests, prohibited person (specially designated persons by relevant countries), “resigned in lieu of being fired” employment records, etc.


Forensic Examination

CIG conducts initial questioning and document examination for business use prior to taking further judicial proceedings in both civil and criminal courts. CIG conducts scientific examinations of evidence dealing with handwriting comparisons, signature comparisons, latent print comparisons, etc.


Security Services

CIG provides security services to assist multi-national clients in protecting their personnel and property. CIG supports our clients to upgrade their existing physical/procedural security in buildings to the international standard requirements. CIG security personnel are highly trained by well-recognized security institutions in access control and security screening procedures for potential security risks. CIG personnel check identification badges, conduct vehicle screening, and follow effective security procedures to prevent, deter, disrupt, and when necessary, effectively respond to security threats that are faced.

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